An expert, a job.

Each employee, with their complementary experiences and skills, allows us to adapt to the all requirements and specifics needs of a project as well as the specific support requested.

Alter Ego is : 4 professions.

" to understand our client for a better service ! "

The General Contractor

« Your alter ego »

He manages your project from design to complete achievement. He provides a full service by bringing his skills to the project study (work permits, building authorizations, regulations, quotes …). He contracts directly with the network of partners who will carry out the work. Its mission is to relieve the client from all constraints by ensuring the good achievement of all the project. From the organization to the reception, including follow-up. It is a complete player in the construction industry, that is committed to carrying out your projects from beginning to end, in quality, at the agreed price and on time. He is also the unique contact for the client.

The Project Manager

" The conductor "

Le Maître d’Œuvre est missionné par le Maître d’ Ouvrage. Il s’occupe de la conduite des travaux en matière de coûts, délais et choix techniques conformément à un cahier des charges. Il assiste le client pour la consultation des entreprises, dirige les travaux et l’accompagne jusqu’à réception des ouvrages. Dotés de plusieurs casquettes, il conçoit les plans, organise, supervise et coordonne les différents interlocuteurs qui travaillent sur un même projet et livre le produit une fois terminé.


« The consultant »

The assistant to the contracting authority is responsible for helping him to operate a project. In its role of assistance and adviser, facilitates the coordination of the project and allows the contracting authority to fulfil its obligations. He takes care to anticipate and identify the constraints and quality requirements according to expectations of the client. He ensures the feasibility of the project on all aspects (budgetary, legal, planning and organization) …aspects (budgétaire, juridique, planification et organisation).


« Thee pilote »

Scheduling, steering, and coordinating are aimed to organize, in time and space, the tasks, work as well as the actions of all the parties on the project site. He oversees the scheduling construction works, the coordination of the various missions, to respect execution deadlines and better organize the project.

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