Since 2009, Alter Ego has imagined, design and carry out your project and your interior design concept from A to Z, with the sole objective: to meet your needs and satisfy your ambitions.

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En 2019, Alter Ego a collaboré sur 70 projets dans la réalisation d’aménagement de boutiques et de bureaux en passant par des locaux professionnels

"A project is a project "

alter ego

[ alter ego ]

N. nom masculin | L’autre soi

Alter Ego : Personne à qui l’on donne

toute sa confiance et que l’on peut
charger d’agir à sa place.


10 years ago, three friends, Fabrice, Frédéric and Philippe joined forces and decided to launch this entrepreneurial adventure. A third-party contracting company. In addition of sharing the same motivations, they already had network of consumers and partner companies. So why not joint forces and put these skills in relation? In 2009, they jumped on the adventure and created Alter Ego, with Philippe at its head. Today, 10 years later, Alter Ego continues to evolve with new headquarters, a new visual identity in link with our values and more than 70 projects carry out per year and, even if Philippe, has decided to pass on the commands to Fred, we are nonetheless faced with new challenges and ventures.


Alter Ego is above all a team effort, attentive to all your requests. From the study to the realization of your projects, we coordinate and contributes to the achievement of your ambitions and is committed, to meeting your expectation by considering all your requirements. With a specific and qualitative technical knowledge in the realisation of our services, we have created a network of solid companies and partners. Those links have been built during our 10 years of experience in the sector. Specialised in RETAIL and TERTIARY in France, with the ability to develop all brand concepts, we provide answers adapted to all workspaces, therefore we make a point of honour to respect the deadlines  in the achievement of your projects. In addition to significant experience in sequence work, in occupied environment, Alter Ego has the technical knowledge which allows us to manage of global projects for large French retail groups


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